Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Prayers Please

Hi Friends:

I would like to ask all of my prayer warrior friends to keep some friends in prayer over the next few days and weeks.

First off, please pray for Cindy McMahon who is going through some thyroid cancer surgery tomorrow. She is a very dedicated mom with a husband and two kids. She is also a lady of very deep faith and a very active parent at her kids schools and at her church. She is truly a spiritual warrior in need of your prayers for restoring her to good health.

Secondly, I would like you to keep the family of my recently deceased car buddy Ken Stapel in your prayers. Ken passed away last week while waiting on the transplant list for a new liver. Unfortunately (for us), the Lord called him home. Ken struggled with a very hard life, but recently accepted Jesus Christ into his life as his Lord and Savior. Ken spent a large part of his last few months on this Earth studying scripture and spending time with family and friends sharing his faith. On one hand he had to give up his car hobby (because of his ill health), but also realized that he was exploring a whole new world opened up by his renewed faith in the Lord. In many ways he was like a bright eyed child who had just learned some new and exciting thing at school. Ken realized (after spending a lifetime trying to get control of his life and destiny) that the secret to his happiness and contentment was by relinquishing control to the Lord and letting Him guide him on his journey home.

Please also continue to pray for Dale Inouye. This young 4th grade warrior has shown the heart of a lion in his daily battle with cancer. He has most definitely kept the faith throughout this ordeal and never wavered. Through his ordeal, he has rallied many to register for the bone marrow donor program, donate blood and platelets and brought people to prayers that haven’t prayed in a long time. His personal ministry (and that of his family) is very evident in their blog which posts Dale’s daily journey:


Dale is an incredible example for all of us to follow.

Lord, I ask you to keep your vigil over these families and friends as we lift them up to you in prayer. Let us first all bless you Lord for loving us with unconditional love (in spite of the things that we do each day with prideful behavior, that distances us from you). Thank you for letting Your Son Jesus come down to this selfish place to teach us the lessons and die for our inequities ; so that we carry your lessons in love, mercy, grace and forgiveness as we walk with You Lord.

Please watch over these individuals as they go through some difficult times. Let Your light fill each of their hearts so that they will not be afraid to hand it all over to You. Let us all realize that we are not in control and that we are passengers on Your vessel that we call Earth, that will carry us on our journey to Your kingdom of Heaven.

Be with the McMahon family as they worry about their wife mother and friend. Be with all of them and give Cindy the strength to emanate Your light as she enters her surgery. Guide the doctor’s hands so that she may be healed and her darkness removed and overflow with Your love. Let Cindy be a shining example for You so that she may find her personal ministry and purpose through these challenging times. Rally friends and loved ones around her to protect her and nourish her back to full health. Reveal to Cindy the friends that she never knew, who come to her assistance in challenging times and may You use them to deliver her the message that You want her to know.

Be with the family and friends of Ken Stapel be comforted in knowing that he is now with his mother and his brother Rick at Your side in the Kingdom. Let us all be thankful for the time that we had together and be happy that ken is with You and that he is no longer suffering from his health problems. Thank you for using us to help Ken’s journey be lined with love from friends and family who were able to see the peace that ken received when he accepted You lord and his savior.

May we all carry on Ken’s memory and legacy through our works and use our passions for cars spread to all whom we cross paths with so that we can share our blessings that go way beyond cars.

Finally Lord, may you continue to bless the Inouye family and bring clarity to the path that You have lit for them. Give Dale continued courage and strength to beat this burden that has been laid upon him. Make it his defining moment and a turning point; where he finds his true power and purpose here on Earth in serving you Lord.

May all of these people that we are praying for, follow Your lead on this journey and may You use them to spread your love, mercy & grace anyplace, anywhere and anytime. Let us all remember to praise You when we win and especially to praise You when we lose… because everything is for You and because of You! In Your Son’s most precious name Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Have a blessed week!

Your brother in Christ,


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