Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday Update on Dale

Here is today's update on Dale. Please go to this link if you would like to read more on Dale's daily progress or to send words of encouragment to Dale and the Inouye family.

Thanks for your continued prayers everyone.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day +4 and Day +5

Day +4 was not all that new and exciting. Dale spent the day talking to Derek on the web cam for 2 hrs and throughout the day. He did some school and homework. He asked for the ativan but this time only received 0.25mg instead of 1mg. It was just enough to relieve the nausea without getting too "happy". He ate better and actually went to bed before 10:00 pm. Day +5 - we actually woke up before the doctor's came to visit us. The morning was a little rough. He complained of chest pain and burning. He was put on protonix 40mg daily for the acid reflux. The doctor's also decided to start a prophylactic dose of acyclovir (anti-viral) because of Derek's chicken pox exposure. The cyclosporine level was just about 400. the goal is between 300 to 350 so the dose will be lowered. Dale asked for another 0.25mg of ativan and it did the trick because he actually ate the hospital food today!!! Most of the day was spent catching up on school work and his book report. We played basketball for a while and accidentally broke the wall clock. Dale was shooting free throws and aimed a little too high. Our nurse was very nice about it. Physical therpy is here now and they are doing stretches and strength exercises. The platelets have dropped to 44,000 and Hgb is still 10.0. Maybe by tomorrow he will need more . Thank you for your conintued prayers.

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