Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Prayers For Dale Inouye... They Are Working!

Hi Prayer Warriors:

I wanted to send you this link and thank you all for your continued prayers for Dale and his family. His brother Derek came through like a champion in donating his bone marrow to his brother. His sacrifice for his brother shows us all the kind of heroism and sacrifice that we should all make note of in showing our love for one another.


Lord, we praise You God for carrying this wonderful family on Your shoulders during this challenging time. May You lay Your healing hands on Dale and cleanse his body of this disease and light the path to find their ministry that will touch others in similar situations. I know that You have tremendous plans for Dale and his family. Bring them through this uncomfortable time and mold them into the holy warriors that you want them to be.

Thank you for rallying all of the support in donating blood and platelets to sustain Dale and help him to recover. Bless these people who have opened their hearts to give generously and to spread the word to others who are touched and inspired by Dale’s story. We praise You for all of their friends who have raised their level of sacrifice, generosity and surround the Inouye’s like Holy armor that will bring them all closer to You in each of their personal journeys. May we all see the wonderful miracles and blessings that You perform in each of our daily lives to help us to realize that this journey is not about us and our personal struggles, but about serving You through our daily works.

Finally Lord, I ask that You use each and every one of us to spread Your love, mercy and grace to everyone that we encounter in our daily lives. Dale’s struggle, his family’s strength and growing faith remind us all how fragile life can be and how much we all need You. In Your son’s most merciful name Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

May the Lord continue to light your way and bless you all.

Your brother in Christ,


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